John Green explaining the effect of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” (x)

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I love the fact that Taylor Swift is running a blog about Taylor Swift. She’s fangirling with us over herself.

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braced myself for the goodbye

braced myself for the goodbye

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Taylor, Liz and Caitlin vocal warm up

I love them so much oh my god

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I love how Sherlock considers John to be clever, which he is, but Sherlock never tell people that they’re clever because he considers himself to be a genius and everyone else an idiot.

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#the most feared being in all the cosmos


#the most feared being in all the cosmos

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This clip. Is one of my favorite Loki moments of all time.

Because as crazy as he’s gone since, we have to remember that Loki used to be the sane one. Like, the only sane guy in the room. Even at his schemiest (totes a word, shut up) and most mischievous, he was the smart one, the quiet one, the one who just really wished Thor would NOT.

And you know what they say about the quiet ones, when they finally do snap…

Never forget facepalming Loki. He’s still in there, somewhere. We hope.

I have faith in face-palming Loki.

Reblogging because I love this scene, this Loki, this Tom. 

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